Ladies Of Metal is a site ran by women who support the hardcore/metal scene. They're here to show a different side of beauty, along with supporting local music.
They support shows, tours, bands, models, clothing lines, and record labels.

If you want to submit flyers and promotions of shows in your local area, or of a band from your area, you are more than welcomed to.

Any and all questions are gladly accepted, and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

This is a fan-ran site.
It is in dedication to the wonderful girls of Ladies Of Metal.
All photos on this blog are owned by Ladies Of Metal and the amazing photographers that took them.
I do not claim to own anything pictured on this blog.


Frequently Asked Questions (Model: FAQ)

I don’t have tattoo’s or piercings!!! will I get accepted??

We get asked this more than any question! we are ladies of metal, not ladies of tattoos and piercings.  Yes a lot of us are covered in body modifications, but that is simply because of our generation, and the similarities the girls carry!  however you are not required to have tattoo’s or piercings, you must remember we are here because of our passion in the metal industry! so please, don’t hesitate to submit an application if you’re afraid you don’t have enough body art.

Do you guys accept/want plus sized girls?

YES! we love ladies of all shapes and sizes, the size of the girl doesn’t determine the size of her heart and love for metal! send in the apps!

Why am I not getting paid?

LOM is a non profit company. All money we make goes back into the company, our events, our bands, and to fund future events. LOM gives our fans access to FREE content, and news about the biggest metal & hardcore bands out there today. However, there are ways to make money by being a LOM spokes model. We often get requests to book our models for events, photoshoots, and even to model a clothing companies merch. For things like this, you will get a cut of the pay.

Can I model for other sites?

Absolutely! LOM takes a lot of pride in the fact that we are a very close family. So it is really important that all you girls involve yourselves. If you’re wanting to be on LOM just to have your photos on yet another website, please don’t model for us! We want girls that are commited and are wanting to be a part of the family just as much as the other girls are. Also, if you are on other wbesites.. Please do not turn in the same photos to use as are featured on other modeling sites. A shoot you do for LOM should be used strictly for LOM’s myspace. Other than that, yes.. You can model for all the sites you want. :)

I don’t have a photographer, help me?

We have photographers in almost all of our key locations and have hook-ups just about anywhere. If you do not have a photographer please contact me via message ON THIS PAGE and I will hook you up with one of ours.

Can I shoot with my own photographers?

Yes, you can shoot with your own photographer. Only if you speak with the photographer prior to shooting and make sure it is 100% okay with them that we feature their work on our page. We give photo-credit to all photographers, and allow them to put their own photography logo on the photos.

What are Video Blogs?

We will send you girls a message every 2 weeks or so with a video blog topic. You have exactly one week to finish your video and submit the video file via email to We will then upload it to our LOM YouTube page for all of our fans to see. The video will as well be featured on our Ladies of Metal myspace/facebook page. Videos give our fans a bit more insight on what you girls are all about. You aren’t just models, you’re all amazing girls.. and I’d love to let these people have the chance to get to know y’all like I have. Please do not do any editing to your videos. Simba is in charge of making cuts and adding music/text etc.

How do I submit a photoshoot?

Please send ALL photos you want on the LOM myspace to If it is a shoot you’ve done with your own photographers be sure to include the photographers name, as well as all contact information you may have of theirs. Myspace link, website link, flickr link, email address, etc.

Photoshoot no nos:

Do not send in one photo from a photoshoot. We will not accept it. A photoshoot must consist of AT LEAST 5 photos. No black and whites unless you send a copy of the photo in color as well.

How do I get the opportunity to work with bands?

When we are approached by a label/band wanting to use our models.. We first ask them if they have any preferred model they’d like to use. Most of the time, they leave it up to use to choose. We like to give the girls all an opportunity to work with the bands. If a model has already gotten the chance to work with a band, we’ll offer the job to someone else. I want to include all of y’all. It also gives the site a bit of variety rather than seeing the same girls over and over. Ash and I are extremely nice people and we love getting to know all of you girls. If you ever have anything you have a question about or even an idea on something you personally want to do for LOM, don’t hesitate to contact either of us! I am always open to ideas and getting you girls involved as much as possible! Have a local band in your town you’re wanting to help out promote?! Awesome! Do a video interview with them! Any ideas like this you may have… Go for it! Every bit you girls do help us as a website, as well as yourselves as models.

(This was also taken of the LOM Facebook page. I do not claim to own this. I cannot make you a model. I am just a fan.)